To infinity and beyond – well Spain anyway !

Well what a busy few days since our return from China!
Firstly hello to all the wonderful people we have made out there – I was truely touched by the warmth and generosity of our new friends most notably Jerry, Eden and China’s answer to Jack Bauer( yiu know who you are!)
Jerry- we will always be herrings for you !!!!

How much can you fit into 4 days at home – well here we go

a quick trip to Lincoln to borrow a tandem (thanks Steve)
lot of washing!!!
saw the tour of britain
car had last minute health check
iain had a last minute health check ( in that order)
lost bot sets of front door keys
found both sets of front door keys
two days at work
a quick drive to Portsmouth and…….
a BBC tv interview

all ready for the ferry now.  Iain is hopng for a personal best for this season – finishing the race!

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