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Name: Iain Dawson

D.O.B: 10th December 1976

From: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Lives: Norfolk

Job: Physiotherapist working with people who have a learning disability (I also do a few other things nowadays!)

Year started Tri: 2009

Coach: Self coached these days

Other interests: I don't get a lot of spare time between work and triathlon, but I run a multi-sports club for people with learning disabilities once a week with other volunteers and have previously coached cycling sessions for a number of years.

Philosophy: Take it as it comes.

Favourite Tri discipline: As an ex-international bike rider, it has to be cycling.

Least favourite Tri discipline: I'm not the quickest runner!

Best race: Retaking the World title in New Zealand at the end of 2012 (Guided by Luke Watson).

Worst race: Take your pick from any in 2011 - Injuries, mechanical problems and crashes galore.

Best bit of Tri kit: My Matrix tandem - great mix of alloy and carbon to give a light but strong bike...and it looks cool too!

Other sports: I used to play a bit of football, wheelchair basketball while at uni and had a go at cross country skiing once.

Dubious claim to fame: I believe I was the first Paratriathlete to be drug tested!

Even more dubious claim to fame: When I was about 15 I featured in an episode of Byker Grove on the BBC alongside Ant and Dec...

What's the plan: Complete an Ironman...maybe.

And after that: Drink beer!

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