2020 Racing Plans

A few weeks ago I started writing a blog about my racing plans for 2020, albeit a little delayed since I've already completed several events, but never finished it. However this has now evolved into a blog about what may or may not be happening in 2020 given the current situation with Coronavirus and all that entails.

The masterplan basically consisted of 3 major events with a number of 'B' and 'C' races scattered in-between (see my Zone3 blog from a few months back to see how I usually plan my season).

The 3 main events are/were (delete as appropriate should the situation change further): -

  • Manchester Marathon (April)
  • European Middle Distance Tri Champs, Austria (June)
  • World Long Distance Triathlon Championships, Holland (September)

This looked like a great plan with my main goals nicely spread out throughout the season.

Manchester, along with several other marathons, has now been cancelled. That's disappointing, especially since Stan Swanepoel has been putting in lots of preparation runs ready to guide at that event. We will have to see what the revised date is but it looks like 'Autumn',

Apart from the 'big three' there's plenty of other things on the plan, at least at the moment. See the full calendar here.

Realistically, we will also have to see whether the other events planned are affected. Hopefully not, but this could be a very mixed up year for everyone and in the end it's only sport:-)


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