a desperate end to a desperate season

well – lets think about the positives

Iain and lukes cycle time was better than the paralympic german and spanish cyclists – BCF take note!

To see Iains legs give way and to be carried across the line in true Brownlee Hyde Park fashion was a sorry site -like the film true runnings without the comedy.
At least it was emergency first aid in the medical tent and not the hospital this time
Iain was so determined but the odds were stacked against him -strange bike, sore ribs from the crash, foot injury ……… but hes not one for excuses. -the tank was running on empty.
Fantastic racing and competition -huge field compared to the world triathlon ! Haseeb did a stirling job to win a bronze medal

watch out world -Iain and Luke mean business next year.

thanks to Luke and Jennie for all your friendship, and whatever Luke says about us on his blog I will instantly deny- especially if it about mine or anyone elses body parts or function!!!!!
just south of poitiers at the moment – home tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “a desperate end to a desperate season

  1. Jocelyn (Iain's Mum)

    Oh dear! Given the circumstances he was lucky to able to compete at all never mind finish.

    I agree with Jill – watch out world a fully fit Iain / Team Dawson will be very hard to beat next year.

    Chin up onwards and upwards.


  2. Liz

    I’m sorry to hear that this year has not gone to plan, but hope that next year will be better! Luke’s race report was very good and well done to both of you for completing the race despite the odds being stacked against you.

  3. Gill B

    I do read..,honest ,just never comment,but feel i need to now.
    Blimey ! well done Iain ,not the best of seasons (understatement i’m sure, the bruises being rotten testimony) but your sheer determination,boundless energy from all including Mrs D., will bring you fighting fit into the new year and back on track ,seat and h2o in big styley!!
    Do you still need a cork Jill? xxxxx ;¬))

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