Update from me

It's been a strange few weeks.

Like most people, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a big influence over our lives here in sunny Norfolk.

For starters there's the restrictions that everyone is facing around staying at home, only going out for essential food. medicine, daily exercise or essential work...just got to stick with it until things improve.

Our work routine has been significantly impacted. Jill had all her training/lecturing work cancelled for 6 months and so has taken a job at Tesco, partly just to try and do something useful and make sure people can get food. She's getting up just after midnight to start work at 2a.m. then coming home and supporting the NHS by being on-call to help if needed. Good effort!

As an NHS Learning Disabilities Physio I thought we would be re-deployed, but this hasn't happened so far. Instead we are currently working at home and picking up urgent referrals to help prevent hospital admissions or assist with hospital discharges. There's still plenty of things that need doing!

Our little events business Can But Tri (www.canbuttri.co.uk) is taking a fairly big hit in just it's second year. We've had to cancel several events including the Stradbroke Triathlon weekend, incurring costs we simply can't recoup. There's not much we can do about it and a lot of businesses will be in the same or a worse position.

For us athletic-types there is also the issue of how to stay fit until the racing action starts again (whenever that may be). It's a case of just doing the best you can, trying to adapt to a new routine, setting yourself new challenges or targets etc. We are lucy in that we have a decent treadmill, an indoor bike and access to Zwift (virtual cycling/running world) and small items such as weights and theraband. I'm trying to get outside most days though as you can't beat fresh air. On that front I don't think I've seen so many people out walking, running and cycling!

Oh and I had Shingles. That wasn't great and I felt a bit rubbish for a week or two after my last race (Thetford Trails half marathon with Stan Swanepoel). I did virtually nothing the first week as I was told in no uncertain terms to rest. Week two was very light activity and then i've been building back up to what is the new normal. I'm feeling fine now except i've still got a twitchy eye! Apparently it's because Shingles affects the nerves which explains the shoulder, neck and ear pain along with tender skin in my arm and on my scalp.

Take care during these strange times...i'm off to watch more cat videos and check on the latest garden-based sporting challenges!


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