World Duathlon Championships – Spain

Saturday the 24th September saw the World Paraduathlon championships take place in Gijon, northern Spain. This run-bike-run event was to be Luke Watson’s first event as a guide and my last chance for success in what has been a pretty bad season.

Have a look at luke’s Blog for his report –

In the end it was another very disappointing day out. I just seem to lack energy and was still suffering from some injuries after my crash in Beijing.

On a positive note Luke did a fantastic job guiding me around the runs and piloting the tandem at speed – we were quicker than the German pairing who had a high tech, expensive tandem with electronic gears. They will be at the London Games next year in the cycling events…

Spare a thought also for Jill – she had a two day drive across Europe to get us there, was very sick on the choppy ferry to France, got food poisoning and so was even more unwell before doing the long drive home again. In-between she did come to the race only to end up having to climb down a wall to the music from Pirates of the caribbean when she saw I was a little off colour at the finish!

So, season over…roll on next year and a little more sucess hopefully!!


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