What’s in a name?

The other day I heard that after 119 years my favourite football team, Newcastle United, are to sell the naming rights to St. James’ Park (below. To ‘help’ with this it’s temporarily going to be called the Sports Direct Arena…

I can’t say I was overly keen on the idea. It’s always been St. James’ Park and really it always will be whatever else it’s branded as. I can understand the need to bring in money to help develop the team so we can compete at the highest level with the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United and QPR (the latter was included just to keep my guide Luke Watson happy as clearly QPR are unlikely to ever reach such hights…). Mike Ashley is, begrudingly, entitled to do what he likes, after all he is the owner, but I can’t imagine it will endear him to the fans. He hasn’t exactly done much to help on this front since he bought the club if truth be told. He sacked Chris Hughton when he seemed to be doing well,  sold our No. 9 Andy Carroll to Liverpool for £35million promising to spend it all on players only to then let others go too and now this.  

OK, a few players have come in and done really well with the team currently in 3rd place in the Premier League (where are QPR Luke?!), which is great. Howver the owner seems be just trying to get some free advertising for his own business and maybe thinks he can get away with anything since the team is performing well at the moment. Alternatively he might just turn us (yes, Jill, like most NUFC fans we are part of the team!) into world beaters, but I doubt it. Who knows what he has planned??

If you want to read a bit more about this have a look at this article

Rant over!


4 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. jocelyn

    It is a bl***dy disgrace! The silly man hasnt as yet understood Newcastle United fans and what the football club means to the area. It is and always will be St James Park. Newcastle city council have refused to alter any signage that relates to St James. This is not over!

  2. Luke

    Ok, we may be chugging along in 11th at the moment, but just wait until your lot have their annual implosion and our owner spends more of his limitless funds in January – I’m confident we will see a reversal of the current trend…

    1. iain Post author

      Hmmmmm, I think we will end up above QPR at the end of the season but we clearly won’t stay in the top four now that we are getting a few tougher games and some injuries! Good luck in the transfer window…you might find another striker with two right feet to help balance out Jay Boothroyd;s two left ones!!

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