the boss tries to get fit

as many of my friends know I am back at champneys, this time for a full weeks bootcamp.
this means a hectic full on training day, with a cafeine, dairy, gluten and alcohol free diet of 1500 calories
to see my progress progress i am wearing a ki arm band which monitors body data
just to give you an idea here is sundays programme and results
7.00 power walk
8.00 porridge
9.00 outdoor games (like british bulldog)
10.30 fitness advice
11.00 pear and 2walnuts
12.00 circuits
1.00 mackerel salad
2.00 pilates
3.00 stabilisation and balance
3.30 1/2 hour in gym
4.00 an oatcake with pranut butter
4.15 water aerobics
5.00 thalasotherapy
7.00 thia spicy chicken curry

i managed to burn 2700 calories, with a total of 2hours 48 of vigourous exercise and 13,804 steps taken during the day

the ki has also noticed my poor sleep pattern with only 78% efficiency so something to work on there
fingers crossed for the next few days as the programme is getting harder
any one else fancy a cooper (beep) test at 6.30 on wednesday before breakfast !!!!!
at least you burn more calories in the cold

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