Iain ends the triathlon season with a bang !


Iain’s season continues to go to form 2011 style with a crash at the start of the bike leg. Luckily it was the tandem that took the impact and not their heads

A trip to the hospital confirmed that some nasty grazes and road rash is the full extent of the damage. I think the entire Beijing supply of iodine was used on their backs and elbows !!!  After a number of celebrity shots at the hospital, it was back to the hotel for some well earned rest.

Tandem is missing at the moment, but it looks like a new front wheel and forks. Lots of offers for tandems for Gijon so thanks again Charlotte, Haseeb and Steve.

7 thoughts on “Iain ends the triathlon season with a bang !

  1. jocelyn

    goodness me – we were watching on the internet and couldn’t figure what had happened – pleased it is only superficial injuries it could have been so much worse. How did they crash? Hugs and kisses to you all X Mum
    ps – congrats to Charlotte and Haseeb

    1. jill

      we are putting on a brave face, but think the tandem is written off.
      going down a descent at speed, lost control and went flying between two concrete posts into a concrete drain. Read about the death of the Belgium triathlete at Antwerp in similar circumstances this morning. It could have been so much worse. Iain was actually missing for over an hour and no one could tell us where he had gone. Frightening.
      Having said that everyone here has been so helpful and kind throughout our stay so no complaints there. Looking forward to the holiday part of the trip now. we can’t leave the hotel as we are on the road course and it is closed from 5.00 am till 6.00 pm. xxx

  2. Jocelyn (Iain's Mum)

    oh dear Iain and Jill scary or what. It is a shame about the tandem but it is ‘only a bike’ after all. So long as Iain and Liam are ok that is all that actually matters. It must have been very scary not to have know where Iain was for over an hour – pleased I wasn’t there would have been frantic. Look after yourselves and try to enjoy the rest of your stay – hugs and kisses Mum and Dad X

  3. Rachel Doughty

    Oh no! So glad to hear that everyone is ok though, as you say it could have been so much worse and you must have been so worried Jill! But what disapointing news after all the hard work. Hope you can enjoy the rest of your trip, sending lots of healing thoughts! Love and hugs, Rachel, George and the boys xxx

  4. Sticky

    I’m so sorry that I never got to say goodbye to you. I popped into reception to put something in my bag and they ambushed me by telling me that my taxi was there ready and waiting to take me to the airport. I only had time for a few quick photos including one with the very excited taxi driver!!! (oh to be famous). The taxi took me all the way to the airport which was over an hour and it was all free! Sorry I never got round to whishing you the best on the rest of your journey but I hope you got home safely.

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