are we nearly there yet ?

this is normally associated with kids, but this comment has been heard most nights in
the dawson house hold
here are some of the logistic nightmares we have had over the past two months
beijing trip
three visas to get
which plane will take the tandem at least cost
where to buy a tandem box
how to get the tandem in the car in a box – its too big
buying a roof rack
how to weigh a tandem in a box on bathroom scales !
double checking the airline for both weight and size
how to get the tandem box from heathrow longstay car park to the terminal -we can’t use the bus system.

klm offering a fokker plane on hold at norwich airport to see if the tandem will fit in no joy
easyjet – no joy
ryan air will only take us as far as santander
trying to rent a car big enough to fit the tandem and box at santander-no joy
british airways accepting the tandem but putting us on an iberia flight that refused it
no holiday time left for the ferry from portsmouth to spain
buying a european travel kit
ferry from portsmouth to cherbourg return
hotel in portsmouth
first hotel in spain double booked us
second hotel could not get tandem in lift and nowhere to stor on ground floor
third hotel lucky !

are we nearly there yet ??

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