a shocking day

thanks to everyone for their support on what has been a dreadful day for team dawson.
For those of you who are not aware whilst Iain and Luke were leading at the national champs, a child got onto the course, froze, leaving poor Luke in an impossible position. There was a dreadful crash at nearly 30 miles an hour
thank goodness the child was not badly hurt, Luke has dreadful road rash and Iain lumps and bumps.Everyone is still recovering from the shock and the worry of what could have been.
the bike has born the brunt of it, with snapped forks, a broken wheel, ripped cable guides and so on.
at least a bike can be replaced- a child can’t.

5 thoughts on “a shocking day

  1. jocelyn

    Hi Iain and Jill,

    A shocking day indeed but as you said Jill it could have been so much worse.

    Where were the parents and indeed the marshalls?

    Hope you all recover quickly including Luke.

    Take care.

    Love Mum x

  2. Matt Ellis

    Im really glad to hear no major damage (relatively). Agree with comments above, cant imagine the fall out should the child have been seriously hurt – Im sure it’s difficult to keep an eye on your children but you probably wouldn’t let a kid run around next to a main road.

    Speedy recovery

    1. jill

      absolutely right, but it was a country path around the national water sports centre. The family had no idea there was a race happening as they had come in through a back enterance.
      the family and child were not at fault here……….

  3. gina nesbitt

    Glad all involved are ok but I think the race organisers should be taking a very close look at their organisation and risk assessments. There is the argument that the parents should be ultimately responsible for their child but we all know how easily they can escape your tightest grip at just the wrong moment……

    Just pleased it wasn’t worse!!
    Onwards and upwards team Dawson!!!

    Gina x

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