The Boss’s Boot Camp

The Boss, AKA Jill, is currently away from home for a few days. I was going to say she is off having a relaxing few days, which she really does deserve as she has been working very hard lately, but it wouldn’t be entirely true. Jill is at a boot camp at Champneys Health Spa, which is something she wanted to do for her birthday (which is tomorrow).

Whilst Jill isn’t really competitive (most of the time anyway!) she does like to try and keep fit and healthy. This isn’t all that easy for her between a heavy work load that can take her all over the country involving a lot of travelling and then helping me with all my training and racing activities. This often means Jill doesn’t get the chance to do the things she wants to do which isn’t ideal. Nonetheless, Jill has recently been squeezing in some running and walking (usually just before bedtime) and is doing really well with this. 

The three-day camp seems to have a pretty hectic schedule of physical activities and exercise sessions and I hear an 8 mile walk was completed today as just one of the activities! The participants are also restricted to 1500 calories a day and no tea, coffee or alcohol…

Whilst Jill clearly isn’t getting much of a physical rest, hopefully she is getting a mental break from day to day life and all the hassles that come with it. I think there might be time for one or two spa treatments at some stage too.

Keep up the good work Boss and Happy Birthday!!


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