Schwalbe Update

I mentioned a while ago that Schwalbe had come on board and will be providing Tri Team Dawson with tyres for 2013 and hopefully beyond.

Well, I had a delivery this week that should see us through the whole season! So what have Schwalbe kindly provided?

Ultremo HT – A top class handmade tubular tyre with additional puncture protection: This is what we used in winning the World Paratriathlon championship in New Zealand last year…

Ultremo TT – A lightweight version of the Ultremo HT tubular tyre but without the additional puncture protection belt, giving a weight of only 240 grams: Ideal for time trial or track use.

Durano S  – A lightweight ‘training’ clincher tyre with a slick tread: I suspect these will be fantastic for riding out and competing in local time trials or for faster training sessions.

Insider – This is a tyre specifically designed for use on indoor trainers. I’ve heard good things about these tyres which use a special compound to reduce resistance: Ideal for a turbo-holic like myself!

Inner tubes – Everyone puncture from time to time so a supply of  tubes is always welcome.

Rim cement – I do like my glue when it comes to sticking on tubular tyres. Because of the forces involved in riding the tandem, tub tape (a double sided tape) simply isn’t man enough for the job and would be risky as the tyre could just roll off the wheel when cornering. I can now glue away to my hearts content.

After a long cold winter, I’m looking forward to getting in some racing and putting all this kit to good use!

Thanks to Schwalbe for their generous support!!



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