Rest and recuperation

My 2015 season effectively ended the moment I crossed the finish line at the Royal Parks Half Marathon just over two weeks ago. Since then it’s been a case of having an end of season break. This is how I’ve used the last fortnight: –

  • Paid a visit to the Physiotherapist so he could assess the extent of the tendonitis injury I had following the half marathon – I could barely walk for a few days
  • Did lots of stretching, icing and work with a foam roller on my battered limbs
  • Had some sports massage to iron-out any residual niggles
  • Visited the Chiropractor for an end of season MOT before undoing all his good work once training starts again in ernest
  • Attended the final night at the London six-day held at the Olympic Velodrome with Jill
  • Had a bike fit on my new Matrix Apache road bike at Tri-Harder 
  • Started to make plans for the 2016 racing season
  • Drank some beer and ate chocolate/cake/biscuits depending on my mood!

So, whilst I’ve enjoyed my break from training and racing (I’ve done less than 3 hours of low intensity activity over the last two weeks) things haven’t been standing still.

Lazy Simpsons

I’m quite looking forward to easing myself back in gently before winter training starts properly in a few weeks time – there’s only so much lazing about even I can cope with!!


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