Hello New Zealand!

It’s been a long time coming, but we are finally here in New Zealand for the World Championships! Jill and myself arrived in Auckland in the early hours of Saturday morning after more than a day of travel and a 12 hour time difference. Luke Watson (guide) arrived just this morning (Monday) looking a bit ropey but ready for action as always!

So far, We’ve just orientated ourselves a bit and done some light training in the pool and gym to try and get the journey out of our system, although I havn’t been too jetlagged thankfully. We will have to see how Luke gets on…

I’m looking forward to stepping up the training a bit now that Luke is here and we have the World aqauthlon Championships (swim-run) on Wednesday as a warm up before the main triathlon event on Monday 22nd October.

Keep an eye out for more updates from either Jill or myself when we get a chance.


4 thoughts on “Hello New Zealand!

    1. iain Post author

      I knew Kiwi’s can run, but can they swim too? Are they going to do the Haka before the race?

      Thanks Scottie’s car hire!

      Iain and Jill

  1. Liz Chubbock

    Many, many congratulations from Forncett Primary School for your success in Auckland. We have been following your blog with interest. We look forward to seeing the medal in school on your next visit!

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