Funding Update

On returning from Spain to open the post we had a timely boost to our triathlon funds (and morale!), which have taken a bit of a hammering this year…

Reepham Rotary Club, who we visited a few months ago, have made a very generous donation towards our sporting exploits. We had a great time meeting the club members  and enjoyed a nice meal, a few jokes and the odd (slightly embellished!) story. Without such contributions taking part in Paratriathlon would just be too expensive. so thanks!

This got me thinking about how much we actually spend on triathlon. I’m not going to say in case my wife Jill reads this!! Let’s just say it’s a signifcant percentage of what we earn. It’s an expensive sport for most people to get into: you need a wetsuit, trisuit, bike, helmet, run shoes etc…and the more seriously you take it the better kit you tend to need/want. This is especially true when looking at bikes and wheels. You could probably get a decent car for the cost of a top end racing bike with fancy hoops.

In Paratriathlon I have the added costs of paying for a guide athlete for most events (although British Triathlon were able to help with this for the World championships in China thankfully). Tandems can also be very expensive and wheels and other parts seem to need replacing more frequently than on a solo bicycle as they wear out quickly. As for tyres, well, just don’t go there!

The other factor to consider in all of this is that because I don’t drive it can be quite expensive getting to training sessions on the occasions when I can’t scrounge a liftfrom Jill or a club mate. Living in rural Norfok with limited public transport often means a expensive taxi trip to a pool, running track or the gym (We have one bus a week that goes to Norwich but doesn’t come back until the following week!).

On the plus side I am lucky enough to have some great sponsors who either provide items/services for free or at a reduced cost.  I have also been lucky to recieve financial help from a number of sources this year including: –

  • GE Great Britain Paratriathlon Performance Squad
  • SportsAid
  • Mars Refuel Fund
  • Reepham Women’s Institue

Without all this support from sponsors and doners things would certainly be much more difficult so all the help we get is really apreciated. I’m still holding out for that big lottery win though!!


2 thoughts on “Funding Update

  1. Debbie Harris

    I’ll get my thinking cap on re more publicity and other funding options for you! I love the fact that you are being sposored by Reepham Women’s Institute. Do they give you cake?!!

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