Forncett School Visit

I was really pleased to visit Forncett Junior School this week to talk to the children about being a Paralympic torch bearer and also Paratriathlon. With the children aged 4-11 years old. I was worried that this could be my toughest audience yet! In fact it turned out to be really good fun.

Forncett School is deep in rural South Norfolk and not far from home for me. It’s a lovely little school attended by 94 pupils and has a very friendly feel to it.

Following the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics the children were really keen to see the torch and find out more generally. It was surprising just how much even the youngest children knew about London 2012, and in particular the Paralympics. I think this just shows how much awareness has increased this summer.

They also had some great questions for me like: –

  • Do your medals get dusty?
  • If they get dusty, do you vacuum them?
  • Who would win in a race between you and Jonny Peacock? (Amputee 100m sprinter)

The best bit though was when I was leaving to go back to work and came across two boys in the playground about to start a running race. This is what I overheard: –

Boy one: ‘I’m going to be Jonny Peacock, what about you?’

Boy two: ‘I’m going to be blind’ as he ran off with his eyes closed.

Not sure who won, but I can’t imagine you would have heard anything like this before the London Paralympics!

Oh, and the school have decided they would like to adopt me, so I think I will be going back from time-to-time to say hello which will be nice.





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