Forncett Primary School

Today I was pleased to make a return visit to Forncett Junior School near where I live in Norfolk. You might remember that I visited this lovely school last year after taking part in the Paralympic Torch Relay. If not, have a look at my blog post about that visit here.  That particular experience was loads of fun, and, as I seem to have been adopted by the school. I was only too happy to drop in once more.

I attended the morning assembly and tried to give the children an idea of what our trip to New Zealand for the World Championships was like. We talked about where New Zealand was, how far away it is and even the weather! As you might expect we talked about the racing a little too. I used several photo’s to help show how the event unfolded. Evcryone seemed keen to know if we had brought home any medals. When I said we had won, I recieved one of the loudest rounds of applause ever heard!

Each term the school has a theme and the current one is ‘perseverance’. So, with this in mind we thought about all of the hard work that goes into being successful in sport (and most other things!). We also talked about the fact that it is possible to achieve great things if you stick at something whilst remembering that not everyone is going to be an Olympian or World Champion.

We finished off with a few holiday snaps of things like Kiwi birds, volcano’s and glow worm caves just to show that you can you can also fun!

Like my first visit we had another memorable moment or two when it cam to questions including: –

Pupil: How did you feel when you were getting your medal.

Iain: Really happy, but very tired too.

Pupil: They should put some beds next to the podium so can have a rest.

I like that idea quite a lot…I think I will suggest this to the International Triathlon Union!

So, another fun day out for Tri Team Dawson! Hopefully the pupils also enjoyed it.


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