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Recently I had a review with Paul from the Foot Function Centre to check how things are going with my orthotic insoles that I have now been using for 6 months or so. Over-all, I think both of us are very pleased with the outcome. The orthotics have been slowly tweaked since my first appointment last year and seem to be working really well for me…no injuries (touch-wood!) and some decent race results including a couple of PB’s. Paul has presented the orthotics and results achieved at a conference recently so he must be happy!

As before, we re-tested using the RS Scan system and whilst things were looking much improved compared January, they look even more impressive now. In fact, where there had still been a few areas of high pressure, showing on the scan as red areas, now everything looks pretty good with lots of green and a little yellow indicating a much more even distribution of weight throughout the gait cycle. The smoother transition I am now achieving since changing my run shoes to the Asics Landreth 7’s seems to help too. It was also interesting to note that the balance between left and right foot is almost equal now, whereas I had previously been taking a lot of weight through the left side, contributed to the previous injury problems. According to Paul this is mirrored by the fact that the unwanted upper body movement I previously had when running is almost a thing of the past.

 On a less scientific basis, I no longer sound like an elephant when running! I’m not totally silent like many good runners are, such as my guide Luke Watson (who I only know is there because he is constantly chatting away!), but it’s progress. I still heel strike – something many people believe isn’t all that efficient compared to mid or forefoot running – but this is something Paul isn’t so keen to change. A lot of my problems stemmed from over-loading in the forefoot where I have quite prominent metatarsal heads with little padding in this area.  So, all good, but Paul is something of a perfectionist…although we did draw the line at trying to correct the 0.01 seconds of a difference in the speed that my left foot moves over the ground compared to the right when running!! We did decided to add a couple of those small tweaks we like so much to extend the toes a little more and add a different material on the top of the insoles however. The new felt covering is there because in triathlon you tend to race without any socks. I had found that my feet were slipping on the smoother surface of the orthotics and I had started to grip with my toes causing some minor joint discomfort. I am please to say the nice new top layer has solved this issue instantly.

It’s great to have such a customised product and nothing seems to be too much trouble for Paul and the Foot Function Centre team. As the season continues to progress we will be reviewing things again in July and then probably September/October to make sure everything is on track, so keep an eye out for updates on this if it’s of interest.

A big thanks to Paul and the Foot Function Centre for all their help and support.


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