Equipment Update – Matrix Apache

I mentioned before Christmas in another post that I wanted to get various things sorted ahead of the 2016 season.

So on that basis I have a new bike – It’s always nice to have some new carbon fibre!


It’s a Matrix Apache full carbon frames running an 11 speed Shimano Ultra groupset with some new fancy carbon wheels from Matrix (AC44’s) shod with Schwalbe One tyres (matching colours of course) and Matrix finishing kit…looks pretty sweet don’t you think?


This bike’s a bit good for an everyday training rig, especially given how muddy the Norfolk roads get during the winter months (and often in the summer too!). So, i’ll be using this as mainly as a summer bike and perhaps for some longer winter rides when it’s dry. As it’s very light, it would also be good for hill climb events or hilly sportive’s or hilly triathlon courses..


After a few rides I have to say i’m really impressed. The handling is very positive, most likely aided by those very wide and rounded wheel rims meaning sidewinds aren’t too much of an issue.  Whilst the  frame is stiff and provides instant power transference from the pedals, it’s not harsh even on rough roads. Get out of the saddle to sprint up a hill and this bike really flies (well, if you have the power that is).

Bestriding the new machine with Owen Watkins from Matrix

Test riding the new machine with Owen Watkins from Matrix Cycles UK

So all good, but here’s the bad news: Matrix don’t make this frame anymore. It’s a shame as it really is very good.

Here’s the good news: Matrix’s new Raphale looks equally good, if not arguably better. It’s all very modern with disc brakes and is compatible with electronic gears etc. See here more details.


Modern approach – The New Raphael bike

A massive thanks to Matrix for their on-going help and support!


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