British Cycling Talent ID

I was a bit surprised recently when an email dropped in my inbox inviting me to a British Cycling Talent ID day on the 30th October.


The session will take place on Sunday 30th October at the new Derby Velodrome. It’s part of a Track2Tokyo programme looking for potential athletes capable of joining the GB cycling team ahead of the 2020 Paralympics.

2000 Sydney Paralympics with Pilot Ray Hughes

2000 Sydney Paralympics with Pilot Ray Hughes

It’s a bit of strange situation as I previously raced on the GB cycling team for several years, including at European, World and Paralympic level prior to moving into triathlon. I’d also discussed switching back when it was announced that PT5 men would not be included in the Rio 2016 Paratriathon, but nothing came of this.

2008 World Championships with Pilot Bobby De'Ath

2008 World Championships, Bordeaux with Pilot Bobby De’Ath

So what’s involved in the talent ID process? Despite the venue, we won’t actually be riding the track (there are some track sessions in November and January I think). The day involves a bit of ‘getting to know you’  which probably isn’t a good thing and some fitness assessments on a static bike (probably also not a good thing after an end of season rest month). The tests will apparently be: –

  • 6 second max sprints
  • 3 minute threshold test
  • 12 minutes ramp test

Sick bucket at the ready! It will be a shock to the system that’s for sure. I’ll just do my best and see where it get me.

I’m still looking towards the 2017 triathlon and season,  but it’s worth keeping my options open…and I like to mix it up with some cycling and running events anyway.

If nothing else, I will at least get some free fitness tests!


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