Thanks Blueseventy for the new 2012 Helix wetsuit, goggles and a brick bag (a small rucksack) that arrived late last week.

Last year and for the first half of 2012 I have used the Axis wetsuit which provides extra buoyancy for swimmers like me with heavy legs that drop and create unwanted drag in the water – i.e. cyclists! This has worked pretty well for me including my fastest ever swim setting up a great win at the European Tri champs in Israel earlier this year.

The all new Helix wetsuit looks good

However, I’m really looking forward to trying out the Helix, which many people believe is the fastest wetsuit on the market. It has won the 220 triathlon magazine award for best wetsuit several years running so it can’t be bad!

The suit is designed for better swimmers, but still seems to have plenty of material around the hips and torso to give the buoyancy needed. What’s more, the flexibility in the shoulders is amazing compared to anything else I have tried. This should make each stroke more efficient and feel much easier.

I’ll be testing the new suit and other kit out in training and at races over the next few months. Hopefully I will go even quicker now!!


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