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As some of you will now be aware, this month’s 220 Triathlon magazine includes a 5 page article about Tri Team Dawson! I thought you might like to know a little more about how something like this is put together, at least from the athlete’s perspective anyway.

The article was created by Photographer and journalist Nigel Farrow. Nigel supplied the photo below used on the home page of this sire, and also in the article. He has been involved with triathlon and sport in general for many years and really knows his stuff having worked on a lot of major events and also as British Triathlon’s official photographer in the past.

From the beginning of the process, it was clear Nigel had an interest in Paratriathlon. I think he was keen to ‘do something different’ but I don’t think he had a set idea of how the article would look or what it would cover exactly. This was probably a good thing, as, over time Nigel began to unravel the somewhat complex lives we at Tri Team Dawson live and how everything works in our world. In the end, Nigel focused on the team theme and how we all work together to achieve triathlon related goals as this is crucial to any success. Nigel particularly wanted to highlight the role of Jill, guides such as Luke and the other guys who I train and race with. We were also keen to reflect the support I get from Tri-Anglia and it’s members as well as hopefully showcase at least some of my sponsors.

Creating such an article was perhaps more involved than I first realised…I have spent quite a bit of time with Nigel over the last 6 months to complete various tasks in a whole range of settings including:-

  • Photographs whilst cycling to work (twice!)
  • Photo shoot at Dereham Swimming Pool
  • Photo’s at Diss-Ability sports club where Jill and myself coach people who have a learning disability
  • Nigel attending Tri-Anglia’s aquathlon
  • Interview session one evening
  • Full day of photo’s with Luke and myself training together

At one point I was beginning to think I had gained a stalker! To be fair though I made Nigel’s task quite hard by not finishing races due to injury, mechanical problems and a crash in China, meaning he had little chance of capturing any images from competition

It’s always strange reading something about yourself, but I think the it has come out really well in the end. It covers a lot of relevant issues and gives the reader an idea of some of the things we have to overcome as a team…training, logistics, cost etc. I think it also gives an idea of some of the complex issues arising in what is a developing sport relating to competition rules, the equipment needed and the use of high calibre guide athletes. Most of all I think it highlights Jill’s role really well, which I was particularly pleased about!

If nothing else I hope it helps to promote Paratriathlon in this country ahead of the Rio Paralympics, even if it is a little way off…I am already focused on it!!

If you want to read the finished work, I’m afraid you will need to buy the magazine!


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